GREDOR is a french acronym for
"Gestion des Réseaux Electriques de Distribution Ouverts aux Renouvelables"


In Wallonia, the political willingness to increase the capacity of renewable generation, the evolution of the consumption pattern (for example electrical vehicles), and the changes in the electricity markets sector will raise several challenges in distribution systems in a near future. Without re-thinking the system, issues such as congestion, under and over voltage, and renewable power curtailment are likely to appear more often than today. In addition to investing in costly physical devices, one of the key aspects is to accommodate the variability of the renewable energy sources by some demand flexibility or by some storage, which are both currently almost inexistent. The GREDOR project will address these challenges. It is funded by the Public Service of Wallonia, Department of Energy and Sustainable Building, coordinated by the University of Liège (ULg) and encompasses academic partners and partners from the power systems industry. It is decomposed in 5 main work packages. GREDOR started on January 1, 2013.



Damien Ernst

Bertrand Cornélusse